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  Veneer Slate
Veneer Slate is a natural stone veneer material, new to many architects, designers, and installers familiar with historically thicker ceramic or real stone tiles. If you like new ideas and materials you are welcome to review all the information in these pages which are designed to help the beginner and professional begin and complete your next project.
Each sheet will be different as every piece consists of a thin layer of real stone and no two stones are exactly the same. Veneer Slate is backed by a polymer composite, which gives the sheets their flexibility and strength while keeping the weight to a minimum. Veneer Slate is also water proof once installed and effectively creates a tough moisture barrier.
A totally new stone veneer for indoors or out. Real stone veneers for wall and other surface adhesion.
Easy cutting and adhesion Can be bent to fit tight curves
Large sheets save labor Creates a hard moisture barrier to water and impacts
Sustainable Can be cut with hand sheers for adhesion
Flexible Most standard stone or wood sealers and enhance colors
Thin Fiberglass protection Saves installation labor by fast lay-up with no wet saw
Sealers Utilizing only what is needed from a stone quarry
----------------------- Nano Slate Veneer Applications-----------------------
The Textile Industry.
The Construction Industry.
The Interior Design Industry.
The Architecture Industry.
The Clothing Industry.
The Automotive Industry.
The Furniture Industry.
----------------------------- Veneer Slate Gallery-----------------------------
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