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  Special Fleece Backing
Fleeced Back Veneers are up to 2400X1200mm wide and available in fleeced form.  These veneers are our normally available and can be made as part of an order including substrate and matching edging.  This product suits ‘hand veneering’ applications, membrane pressing and profile wrapping.
Under high pressure and heat, fleece is affixed to veneers made from all types of wood in a range of sizes. The result is a stable composite material that is significantly easier to work with than ordinary veneer. Even delicate burl veneers are made smooth and even by the applied fleece and are less subject to breaks. The weight of the fleece and the type of adhesive determine the fleeced veneer’s stability, strength and resistance to heat and humidity. Melamine resin bonding, for instance, has greater water and temperature resistance.
Our Fleece & Flex veneers are particularly suitable for multi-dimensional shaping, especially where veneer is glued onto hard-to-work-with surfaces. But the positive characteristics of fleece & Flex are also appreciated in all conventional areas of application. Thanks to enhancing processing reliability and ease of use, the costs for fleeced veneers can be quickly amortized in most cases.
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The Furniture Industry.
The Construction Industry.
The Interior Design Industry.
The Architecture Industry.
The Automotive Industry.
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